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Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA 2000) was a watershed legislation in India which brought legal recognition to Electronic Documents in India for the first time. It also gave birth to the system of Digital Signatures in India and enabled a legally acceptable digital contract. The Act which became effective from 17th October 2000, because of which October 17th is celebrated as the "Digital Society Day of India" was substantially amended by the Information Technology Amendment Act 2008 which became effective from 27th October 2009. The amended ITA 2000 is so different from the original ITA 2000 that it has come to be known under the nick name as ITA 2008.

This site captures and presents for public use the latest version of the Act along with the earlier versions and the rules to provide a one stop information on the act which is referred to from time to time by many law and information security practitioners. This information has been available in for quite some time and the current initiative is to make it easy for people to access the information under the domain name

The different versions of the Act are available here:

Current Version: ITA 2008
Current Rules and Notifications: ITA-2000 Rules
Previous Version of the Act: ITA 2000
The Evolution of Amendments  Amendments
Views on various issues: Articles
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